Toledo John Deere Lawn Mowers & Garden Tractors

Large Property owners comprise a large portion of our clients. We have customers who have chosen us as their John Deere Dealer in every major section of the Toledo Area and beyond. This has been true for several generations of families across the area with whom we served in our 87 plus years in business.

Whether it Mows, Lifts, Pulls, Hauls, Cuts, Trims, Digs, Tills, Blows, Plows, or Cleans, Fred Ott Inc. carries a wide variety of JOHN DEERE lawn mowers, garden tractors and equipment for the job. Our walk behind mowers, feature the New MowMentum drive system that allows you to travel at your speed. We also have some of the most durable, ingeniously designed ATTACHMENTS in the industry, to make your SELECT SERIES TRACTOR TRULY your own.

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Exmark Lawn Mowers

Thirty years of pioneering spirit and innovation have resulted in legendary durability, all-day comfort and unmatched cut quality. Contact us to learn why the most respected commercial cutters on the planet purchase Exmarks 2-to-1 over the next best-selling brand.

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Grasshopper Lawn Mowers

Built for comfort and durability, rugged Grasshopper True ZeroTurn™ lawn mowers maximize mowing efficiency while requiring significantly less maintenance. Plus, with the industry’s most comfortable ride, you can mow longer with less fatigue. The Grasshopper Company only works with authorized dealers such as Fred Ott Inc. who will not only assure that you purchase a unit that is suited to your application, but will provide customer service and technical support after your Grasshopper residential or commercial lawn mower purchase.

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Echo Power Equipment 
Trimmers, Blowers, Edgers And Chainsaws

At Fred Ott Inc. we are a certified signature ECHO Dealer. ECHO products are very popular because of the reliability, quality and the cost is much less than the cost of steal. The ECHO line-up features lawn equipment ranging from Chain Saws, Grass Trimmers, Leaf Blowers, Hedge Trimmers, Edgers and Brushcutters to a complete offering of ECHO Accessories and parts to keep your tools functional. And ECHO chain saws and lawn equipment are so reliable they’re backed by a tough consumer warranty – a full 5 YEARS – so buy with confidence!

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BCS Tractors

BCS products came to America in the early 1970’s at a time when Americans were re-discovering the joys of vegetable gardening and pursuing self-sufficiency. The tractor with tiller attachment was an instant success because of its superiority to the rear-tine tillers produced by US manufacturers of homeowner-quality lawn and garden equipment.

Almost forty years later, there are now many tens of thousands of BCS owners in the US and Canada. Supporting them are 700+ servicing dealers, four regional distributors, and a national headquarters (in Portland, Oregon).

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